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Gifts from Natalie ~ Rose Delamar
At Gifts from Natalie we offer a wide variety of styles to decorate your home, as well as gifts for all occasions, at affordable prices. And for the one concerned about looking and feeling great we offer KIOTIS PARIS, skin care and cosmetics made from essential oils.
Focus on Health ~ Mary Jackson
For the past five years, I've been using Shaklee's anti-aging skin care and beauty products. I've been pleasantly surprised at all the compliments on my skin--more than in the previous 50 years! Now I market these wonderful products to women who want to keep their skin looking youthful.
Sensaria ~ Mary - Independent Representative
Welcome! Sensaria has a wide variety of Naturally-Based Spa products that enhance your health, wholeness and beauty. Sensaria offers relief for dry skin and is great for children too! Become an Independent Representative and enjoy the benefits of good health and working from home.
Arbonne International ~ Sierra Pierson
Nourish your body ~ Change your life! Arbonne offers the best botanically based skin care, cosmetics, aromatherapy and nutrition products available. Quality ingredients make all the difference! Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Excellent products and an Excellent business opportunity too! Wholesale opportunities!
Jafra Cosmetics ~ Melissa Boese
Jafra is committed to empowering women to look beautiful, to feel confident and to be their best. For over 47 years Jafra Consultants have been offering skin care products tailored to your specific needs. Color to match your mood. Body care to invigorate your spirit. But Jafra is more than cosmetics;it's an opportunity.
Avon ~ Lawana
Start your Avon business FREE! That's right...pay NOTHING to get started. I'll send you a starter business packet the very same day your paperwork is completed. Awesome TEAM incentives, games, motivation and training. No boundries or sales requirements! Give it a try, you are starting FREE and you'll EARN with every order over $25! What are you waiting for? Call or e-mail me TODAY.
The Natural FaceLift - Independent Consultant ~ Tracey Ehman
"The Natural FaceLift" creates a more youthful appearance by toning and firming facial muscles, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin tone and color. Results visible on first application!! This is a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be "the Next Trillion Dollar Industry" - Health and Wellness. Start-up as low as $29US or $39CAD, and includes a personalized website. Join my team or try the product today, I would love to help you make your dreams come true!
JAFRA ~ Krisili Ward
Jafra has created a unique line of interchangeable products to meet the needs of all types of skin conditions. Jafra uses Natural ingredients and components that are natural to the skin, as well as botanical and marines. We offer a wide variety of products, and all are made of very high quality ingredients, with NO animal testing! We're so confident that you'll agree that our products are the best, that if you are not completely satisfied you can return them to for a, 30 day Money-Back Guarantee! Now that's beauty you can rely on!
Mary Kay Cosmetics ~ Angelete (Future Indep. Sales Director)
Open the Door & Soar in 2004! What's In It For Me? Highest Commission rate (50%) for a Direct Sell Business, Recognition, Flexibility, No Quotas, No Territories/Adoptee Program, Be you Own Boss, Cars, Tax Advantages! We Teach, Not Sell! We Guide & Mentor, Not Tell! Best Selling Brand- 10 years!
Arbonne International ~ Tina Beecher
Amazing Natural Beauty & Health Products. Would you like to have more time & money for your family? Do you value having creative control over your life & work? Would you like to benefit from the advantages of owning your own business? Do you care about others and want to make a positive difference contributing to people's lives? If any, or all, of the above are true for you, Arbonne might just be what you've been looking for get started as an Arbonne Independent Consultant For $29.00 Today!
Mary Kay ~ Michelle Straschnitzki
Set your own goal and path to financial independence! Great products, great opportunities, awesome postive reinforcement! Never buy retail beauty products again! The sky is the limit! Live Your Dreams!
Beautiful Options by Latonya ~ Latonya Padu
Specializing in Adrien Arpel, Color Me Beautiful, Gale Hayman, Flori Roberts, IMAN and Interface cosmetics and skincare. This is a ground floor opportunity with a compensation plan that is competitive with existing direct selling companies. You can grow your business as fast and as large as you want. Training and support.
BeautiControl ~ Stephanie McKenzie
Image Consultants that help women (and men) look and feel their best from head to toe! We have wonderful skin care, spa, microdermabrasion and high quality cosmetics. We show women (and men) what styles look best on their body type, what glasses look best with their shape face and much, much more! New Consultants can earn up to 50% commission just starting in the business!
Avon by Chris ~ Chris Carroll
Have you seen AVON lately? It is not your mom's AVON any more. There are many new and wonderful things to see in a Avon book. We also sell Wellness items and Inspirational items. Email me for a book or view my site and order there. (Passcode is zachary). You will be impressed. You can also sign up to sell Avon for as little as $10. Email me for details.








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