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Pet Products & Supplies

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800+ Lisings in 70 Catagories

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Shure Pets ~ Greg and Kathy Knappenberger
Shure Pets offers home parties where pet-lovers can purchase top-quality pet products and meet other people who love their animals! Becoming a "Pet Consultant" is a perfect home business opportunity for pet-lovers. Join our team of consultants ($99 startup cost) and receive a FREE $25 Shure Pets Gift Certificate!

Indulge Your Pet ~ Christina L. Cole
We take our name seriously! Featuring all natural pet aromatherapy, natural dog treats and more! We pride ourselves on healthy, wholesome, natural dog treats with no added salt, sugar, chemicals or preservatives.Enter your pooch in our montly Cutest Pet Contest. Gift baskets and Gift Certificates also available!

Tropical Fish Island ~ Alice Seba
Find out how to build a great tropical fish aquarium that's easy to maintain and doesn't cost a fortune. Free information on different kinds of tropical fish, how to care for your fish and more.
Natures Paws ~ Natalie Medina
We are dedicated to our customers and offer a wide range of products starting with a great line of Health Supplements, Natural Grooming products, toys, and so much more.
Natures Paws also offers a great business opportunity. You can start your own, home-based business with a very low fee of $15.00. What could be better than working from home and selling quality products to fellow pet owners like yourself

Pooch Smooches LLC ~ Kathleen Blodgett
Pooch Smooches has a variety of homemade dog treats that are sure to please any breed! Dog inspired merchandise for the dog lover and your special pooch. Cookie jars, gift packs for mutt & mommy, home decor, elevated dog feeders and stationary cards too... all inspired by the love of dogs!
I Luv My Pet, Inc. ~ Donna Isenhour
Attention Pet Lovers -- Do you want to be part of a business that touches the hearts of millions of people? Do you realize there are over 2,500 companies dealing with human nutritional products, but there are only 3 for Pets! We specialize in advanced pet nutritional products, and simply for spending as little as $1/day on your pet’s health, you have the opportunity to make $7,500 per week!
Shure Pets ~ Nicole LaFleur
Do you have a love for animals? Then this is the company for you! Shure Pets is a brand new company that just launched September 1, 2003 which means all new Pet Consultants signing up now have a ground floor opportunity to be one of the first Pet Consultant in their area or State. This is one company that encourages you to bring your pets to work. Our "New Puppy on the Block Kit" contains everything you need to get started for $95.00 (over $250.00 in value) Email me today for further details. This is an opportunity you shouldn't pass up!
FarFetched 4 Pets ~ Claudine Kosier
Welcome to FarFetched 4 Pets where you can find pet gift baskets and pet gifts for that special dog, cat and the people who love them! We offer theme pet gift baskets for new pet owners, special pet and people occasions. We pride ourselves on how unique our pet gift baskets are. The treats included in all dog baskets are natural homemade treats that are baked with no sugar, salt, milk or extra additives.
Baers Baery Good Dog Bytes ~ Alecia Gratton
Unique puppy and cat decorated gift boxes and giftbaskets for dogs and cats, Four flavors of preservative-free dog treats, cds entitled "Pet Music"provide 1 1/2 hour of listening pleasure for your pet, dog sculptures(many breeds availible), motivational cards depicting various dog breeds,and dog jewelry for pet lovers

Smooches for Pooches & Kitties too Bakery ~ Nina Williams
Delicious handmade and baked fresh daily treats for your pampered Pooch or Kittie. Marmaduke Maple Biscuits, Fruitty Yogurt Treats, Poodle Pawfai, Chewy Cheese Pizza, Tuna Cakes, Kitty Kat Cookies, ..and these are only a few! We will also cater your Pooch or Kittie Birthday, Barf Mitzvah and any other celebration for your pet.

The Bow Wow Bakery ~ Tara
"Dog-licious" Natural Wholesome Dog Cakes, Dog Bones & Cookies, full dog catering from appetizers, entrees to desserts. We ship EVERYWHERE. Fresh baked when ordered. FREE gift with orders of $30+ Also offer pet jewelry, designer bowls, gifts for your pets!

Reiki Gentle Healing ~ Judith White
Reiki gentle healing energy is sent to you or your animal companions anywhere at any time you choose. Reiki relaxes, comforts, heals and relieves pain. Provides balance and calm before an important day. Speeds healing after surgery or injury. Relieves emotional distress. Try a short session and experience Reiki yourself.

Start your own Dog Bakery Business
Dog bakeries are the hottest thing for pampered pooches (and cats, horses, ferrets, birds...) But did you realize that treats can be made for pennies (or even part of a penny!) each, yet can be sold for as much as $2 each? This is a highly profitable business for any pet lover to start. This best selling eBook also includes 30 exclusive recipes!

Be a Dog & Pet Photographer
Did you know that pet photography is an extremely lucrative business? There is a need for photographers who specialize in taking prized photographs of the most pampered member of the family - the beloved and spoiled family pet. And surprisingly, most people are willing to pay far more for their family pet's portraits than they are willing to spend on the rest of their family's portraits! Learn how to start this profitable business today!
Start your own Doggie Daycare Business
A Doggie Daycare business is so hot right now! People love their pampered pooches, and people pay as much as $30 a day for their pets to be lavished with attention, socialize with other dogs, be taken on long walks, and have playtime. Learn how to start a safe and happy dog daycare service.
Pet Sitting Business
Start a business as a pet sitter ~ take care of pampered pets, take them on walks or for playtime, and get paid to do it! Best of all, this business is ideal for people who want some flexibility in their working hours, have a passion for pets ~ and make extra spending money doing so!








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