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The Labearatory ~ Cynthia Malmborg
Hold your own stuff a friend party! Stuffable bears, animals, dolls, and purses. Theme Parties Also. It will be lots of fun for everyone to make their beary own friend!

Bear Mail ~ Sherrie
If you are looking for a home business that costs very little to start, is fun to do, and is incredibly satisfying and profitable then consider this home business opportunty selling personalized teddy bears from home!

Silly Soaps ~ Janet McNiel
Silly bath soaps and award winning bath toys for kids. Each pure glycerin soap contains a fun toy inside. Silly soaps make great gifts and birthday party goodies.
Once Upon a Doll ~ April Davidson
From Classic to Trendy, and every style in between, we offer unique clothes and accessories for the 18" American Girl dolls. We are constantly updating and improving our site to ensure we offer only the best products available, so check back often for our changing fashions.
Discovery Toys ~ Jessica Fournier
Discovery Toys offers the best in developmental toys, books, games and software! Raise your income while you raise your family! I am a part of the GREATEST home-based business there is! I get to play EVERY day with my kids and earn an income doing it!! Won't you join me??!!
Discovery Toys ~ Leslie Sams
Discovery Toys is the leader in educational toys, books, games, and software for kids birth through middle school. Join my team and receive free training, lots of encouragement, and the skills you need to reach your goals! Ask about Super Start to earn a rebate on your Intro Kit!
Highlights-Jigsaw ~ Patricia Mikelson
Highlights for Children's NEW home party plan company offers educational fun toys, games, puzzles, books and more for babies to adults! Ground floor independent business opportunity with a well-known and respected company. Excellent training and manager builder program for people who really want to grow! Great for anyone who values education and developing children to be their "best selves."
A Cozy Tin Bear ~ Alecia Gratton
A Cozy Tin Bear is a bear with a message. Personalize your bear by a photo or business logo on his t-shirt and writing a message to go on the can he comes in. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, a baby shower gift,Valentine's Day, "just because" or almost any occasion involving gifts.
Discovery Toys ~ Kimberly Halvorson
Discovery Toys offers a great business opportunity for stay at home moms. You sell educational, non-violent toys, books and software through in-home demonstrations and by contacting area businesses with a need for Discovery Toys products. All products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are in high demand.
Discovery Toys ~ Christine Tabaka
Discovery Toys ... the leading direct seller of educational toys, books and software. With only 7,000 active US consultants, this is a great opportunity. You can earn a significant income while sharing great educational products with your children ... ask me how to get started ... or host a catalog or "e-mail" party and earn free toys for your family!
Discovery Toys ~ Gisele Rehe
Award-winning Discovery Toys offers the most outstanding, innovative and unique developmental toys, books, games and software. We offer a wide range of products(Birth to 8 yrs and beyond) suitable for the preschool -school age and we have an amazing line of baby toys(all our teethers are chemical-free). Unconditional Life-time Guarantee! Looking for consultants all over Canada to join my team!
Baby Marketplace ~ Kim Becker
Terrific baby products at including clothing, toys, skin care, cloth diapers and more. Join our affiliate program earn 12.5% of sales and up to $0.03 per click.

Jocus Educational Toys ~ Cindy Kinley
Since 1978, Jocus has developed into the largest company in Canada specializing in the direct sales of children's products. Jocus has developed and selected a comprehensive line of toys, games, books and creative materials from around the world. Many of our toys are produced by or exclusively for JOCUS, and cannot be found anywhere in Canada. Please e-mail me for more information.

Discovery Toys ~ Patty King
This is a great business for stay-at-home moms. You not only earn extra
income and set your own hours, but you are able to use these wonderful
educational toys with your own children. You will be helping your children
learn with the best possible tools out there!! Contact me for more

Discovery Toys ~ Michelle Cooper
Discovery Toys offers the most outstanding developmental toys, books, games and software - products of the highest quality and extraordinary value. We are looking for consultants to sell our unique and educational product line to fellow moms across Canada. Earn $ and products as you go!








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