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Creating the Balance Between Work and Home
By MyMommyBiz Guest Author Rachael Hoffman

When working from home it is often hard to find a successful balance between your business and your home. Are you finding balance successfully? Too many work at home moms are not. If they had a productive business day, often times the house looks like a tornado hit. On days when cleaning their house is the priority, they find not much work got done.

So, how do you find that balance? No, it doesn't involve donning a cape or flying through the air. Organization and time management are the tools that will make or break you in the game of balancing your business and home. Below you'll find a few tips for what seems like the impossible - balancing your business and home successfully.

1. Ditch the late nights in favor of the early mornings.
Many moms think the only free time they can get to work is late at night, after all the kids are in bed, and while you can definitely be productive in business with this method, it can backfire on the home front. Staying up late means getting less sleep, because as moms, we inevitably have to arise with the kids every morning. Often times staying up late causes you to be tired, grumpy and irritable. This is no good for you or your family. So, try to reverse the schedule. Hit the sheets at a decent hour and rise earlier than your family in the morning to try and get some work in before the morning rush. You'll be refreshed and when the kids finally do come tumbling out of bed, you'll be a lot more able to deal with them while being in a good mood.

2. An hour of cleaning can make a huge difference.
There is nothing more stressful than waking up to a house that needs to be cleaned. Spend an hour each night before you go to bed picking up and cleaning up. Do the dishes, fold that last load of laundry in the dryer and pick up the toys off the living room floor. If you have older children, give them a small chore to do each night that will help, such as bringing all the dishes in the house to the sink or emptying all the smaller bedroom/bathroom trash cans into the kitchen one. Just make the house presentable. You'll sleep better and when you wake up early in the morning to get some work in, you won't be tripping over book bags in the living room or having to push aside last night's dishes to get the coffee pot under the tap.

3. Scheduling is what makes organization possible.
Schedule everything. Get yourself a good day planner and keep it like the bible for your home. Each weekend, call a family meeting and have everyone tell you their plans for the next week and pencil them in. Soccer practice, washing the car, buying a gift for a birthday party, school meetings, big school reports due… the works. Not only will this give you a clear view of when you can work, but it also helps you work more effectively. Note: Scheduling is not as easy when you have children who are not in school full time. See my other article on Toddling and Business - How to Make it Happen.

4. Sacrifice will have to happen.
Still wondering how you can get it all done? Then you may need to do some sacrificing if you truly wish to find balance. You may need to limit the time you spend surfing online, visiting message or chat communities. It may be that you have to give up that extra hour of TV you have become accustomed to. There is no mom out there with a successful business and a well run home who hasn't been forced to sacrifice some play time to do it. Certainly though as moms and people in general, we need those "me" things. But, be honest with yourself about your time and how much of it you are truly spending freely.

All in all, there is no magic formula. Just a dedication to organization and a zealous nature towards time management. It can be done successfully and there are women out there achieving the balance. But, it didn't happen for them overnight. Take small steps to improve your balance and do them consistently, slowly adding more steps into your routine along the way.

Rachael is a work at home mom to two children and is adding a third to the mix soon. She is an independent fundraising specialist for Home and Garden Party doing fundraisers for all sizes and types of groups. Rachael can be reached through her website at http://www.fundraisingwithcandlefundraisers.com or by email at rae@fundraisingwithcandlefundraisers.com


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