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The Power of Press Releases

Being a business owner, it was always a task to find good ways of advertising my products. With the onslaught that rages through our emails and mailboxes of unwanted advertisements, being sensitive to customers was something that I desperately wanted to show.

I was a single mom, working from home. It would have been so easy to just copy and paste names and email addresses and send them by the hundreds to potential clients. However, that would be bad business sense, and I will tell you why.

All I had to do was think about what I did with Spam. I threw it away, every day by the hundreds; someone's time was wasted posting these ads to me because I never read them. Never! I can account for hundreds of others that have done the same thing. In fact, it was illegal! Why would I want to put my good business and it's good name in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, business was slow, while I whittled away, my products were not moving. As every business owner knows, products that don't move mean bad business. That was especially true for me. My problem lay, not in my great and wonderful products, but in that people didn't know about them.

Then, out of the blue, I had found something that I had not thought of before. Surprisingly enough, it came though email.

I was reading an interesting article, about how the world of computers and technology has helped everyone and businesses today. A typical email I get all the time, and when I got to the end, when it talked about improvements of hardware, I thought. I thought about how my work would improve if my computer had more memory.

It hit me, not directly at first, but it hit me just the same. That while the world threw Spam emails away, what thought I held in my head was of something much greater. I was actually reading an article, from a company, and that article made me think about buying a product. A person, who felt obligated to send me this article, was actually making me think of buying a product.

Why, I then thought, couldn't I use this force of knowledge? Why couldn't I share my information with the world? In this information age, there is so much to learn, and I could teach them. And what if I was teaching them about my product.

Instantly my thoughts ran and I hurried to create article upon article of information (not until later did I learn I was writing press releases). I send hundreds of my articles to various newspapers and magazines. Some got accepted, and some didn't. But even the unaccepted ones, I rewrote and submitted again. I was published! And now my articles, informing hundreds of thousands of readers about the remarkable capability of my products, were being read! They were not passed though as most people would any ad. I remember when an email friend forwarded my ad to me for the first time, and I had laughed when he was telling me of how he had thought of purchasing products I offered for quite some time!

I learned quite a bit about press releases during that time. For instance, those writing skills, while they are important, are not needed. As long as the information is plentiful and people would be interested in what you have to offer. You can pay writers to help you design and write your press release, a generally price range from fifty to a hundred dollars. Some top rated classy ones can cost as much as one thousand dollars, but you don't need to spend lots of money.

Another good idea is to send a sample, if possible, along with your press release. That little freebie, while not a bribe, will keep any editor from easily throwing away your press release. Most will admit, that a sample will make them feel almost obligated to publish the press release.

Also, pictures, of you, your business, the products, to go along with the press release are a big help. Send one or two only though, and with a short note attached to each, saying what they are. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, it's true!

Your press release needs to be informative. You're not selling to your audience, you are giving them information. Content is important. If you sell health products, talk about what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle. Giving your readers information will not make them feel like they are being sold to, but they will love to buy from someone who knows something!

So stop wasting time with the Spam mail that goes no where. My business excels more every day because of the press releases I send out. You might have seen my articles yourself.

Full time mom just doesn't cover it. Between earning a living, and rasing a toddler, it's a full schedule! Good thing she knows how to relax, with body wraps, and can be creative with web design. Calissa Leigh, the full time, self employeed mom of one little boy with many different businesses haunts Whisper Enterprises at http://www.whisperenterprises.com. She is also the author of the MyMommyBiz eBook Start your own Herbal Body Wrapping Business
Email: whisperenterprises@yahoo.com


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