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Michelle Schahn
Director in Qualification (DIQ)

Hi. I am Michelle Schahn. I am 34 and I have three kids, ages 9, 7 and 18 months. Like you, I wanted to find a way to be able to be at home with my children without having to live paycheck to paycheck. BeautiControl was the answer for me and I am so blessed to have found it! Thanks for taking the time to listen to the opportunity that BeautiControl offers.

I am a CPA. I had a successful career, beautiful house and two kids, but I was exhausted and not living the fulfulled life that I had always envisioned. In a leap of faith (or stupidity!), in 1999 I quit my job, leaving 2/3 of our family income behind. We struggled, but somehow we made it to 2005!

After our third child was born, we were tired of struggling financially, but we realized that a traditional corporate career would never work well for our family, and I began to search out alternatives. I needed to be home for my kids, be able to attend school functions, have a completely flexible schedule that I am in control of and be able to earn an executive income. Good luck, right?? It was starting to seem like the impossible dream, but then I found BeautiControl.

BeautiControl pioneered the Spa Escape - an in home spa where people sit back and experience the products, leaving refreshed and pampered! Backed by Tupperware, the incentives are the best I have ever seen in a home party plan!

I signed up January 13, 2005. I did my first Spa Escape February 1, 2005. I became a Director In Qualification (DIQ)on April 1, 2005. This is a six month process to become a Director. As of May 1, I have 29 people on my team and have not had any problems meeting my DIQ requirements. Assuming that I continue to meet my requirements, I will promote out on October 1, 2005. I can then pick a trip for two to Hawaii or Vail, CO or a trip for four to Disney world. I am eligible to earn a Red Mustang Convertible (the TITLE to it), as well as a plasma TV, diamond ring and even the title to a Lexus. I will enjoy commissions of up to 24%, as well as commissions on any units that I promote out. I will also receive a $5,000 bonus for each unit that I promote out.

I have already earned an all expense paid trip for my husband and I to the Atlantis in the Bahamas (we go in October!!), as well as jewelry, products, purses and accessories. All of that is very fun, but the best thing about my business is that I am in control. I work as much or as little as I want. And when I choose to be busy, it is when I choose and it directly benefits me and my business - it is not because someone told me to work more for their own benefit.

My team is tremendous - just a group of fun, gifted women who are taking control of their lives and having a blast! My Director, Melanie, became an Executive Director in just two years in the business. In the last three months, her commission checks have been over $9,500, $10,300 and $11,600 for each month, respectively! She has already earned five trips,the Mustang, TV, lots of jewelry and is one month from the Lexus. She enjoys a car allowance of $1,000 a month, as well. Together we offer a great support system for our people. We are great about getting information to you, we have growth programs that you can choose to be a part of and we love our girls!

I work because I choose to. Sometimes it is hard to work from home and still do everything I used to take care of. But, I am focused on what the future brings and I am grateful that I never have to choose between a sick kid or a business meeting again! Most of all, I love what I do and I find fulfillment in it - that is an unexpected benefit!

BeautiControl is an amazing company to work with. The incentives are awesome, the website is endless and makes all the information available to you at your convenience, so you can run your business effectively. The orders are processed quickly, there is customer support available by phone, the products are absolutely fabulous and as you move up the career ladder, there are key people dedicated to helping you succeed. I have been so impressed with this company!

I challenge you to find any opportunity that is as good as this one! I get to pamper women and men, see friends share precious time together, the products sell themselves, I get to see women take control of their lives and find a career where they can thrive, I get to spend precious time with my kids and share in the success of a truly great company! My hard work pays off directly to my benenfit and the benefit of my family - how many jobs or careers can do that?

What more is there to life? Join me and take control of your life! Now is the time, as this is truly a ground level opportunity, and to get the biggest piece of the pie, you need to jump in now! Best wishes to you!

Business Description
Who does not want to be pampered? Guests are so excited to come to a Spa Escape! Join the LEADER in the Spa party business, with the best incentives and wonderful products.

Years in Business
4 months

What countries is this opportunity open to?
United States

What kind of products does this company offer?
BeautiControl offers top of the line skincare products, bath and body products and a great line of makeup.

Start Up Costs

Is there an option to earn your kit?

What is included in the kit?
Over $600 in full size products used in our Spa Escapes everyday. There are also over $300 in sales aids to help you get your business off and running.

Are there monthly minimums that must be met?
$100 retail value once every 120 days

What is the commission structure?
Commission is based on two things: what level you are at in the company and how much you order in a given month. For example, as a Unit VIP you would have four active consultants on your team, you would earn 4% commission on your recruits if you order $450 retail value in products each month (less than 2 Spa Escapes worth) or you would earn 8% commission if you order $900 retail value in products each month (3 Spa Escapes worth of product). You would also a receive 50% discount on your products, so you would make 50% on all products sold at your Spa Escapes. That is usually $125 or more per Spa Escape. As you progress, there are cars (allowances and ownership), jewelry, even trips based on where you stand in the Company! Commissions go all the way up to 24% on direct recruits as a Director and you also get over all commissions on your entire unit, as well as your promote out units.

How often are new catalogs released?
Once a year

What is the cost per catalog?
You can order 10 for $2.25

What is the cost for supplies such as order forms?
Order forms are $2.50 for 20. The costs are fairly minimal. Neckwraps are purchased through the company, as are other sales aids. The cost is very reasonable for these items and you choose exactly what you want to purchase and when - there are no minimum requirements for Sales Aids.

Are there any online advertising restrictions?
You need to refer potential recruits to your BeautiPage URL.

Are consultants able to get their own company website?
Yes, it is free for the first 6 months, then you can decide if you want to continue the site.

Is a company email address available for consultants?

Can customers place orders online through your company website?

Can customers pay online?
BeautiControl processes the online payments. At our Spa Escapes, we take cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Are there hostess exclusive products?

Is there a yearly company convention?

Can you earn trips, vehicles, etc?

Are there awards to be won?
Occasionally from the company; there are also outside vendors that offer these goods.

What promotional items are available for consultants?

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