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Amy Cleaver
Organization Consultant

Personal story- I'm so excited that you decided to check out Domestic PlannerR! My name is Amy Cleaver (yes, I married the Beave!!!), and I'm a busy wife and mom of 1 great hubby and 4 awesome kids. I have been a consultant with Domestic PlannerR since July of 2002. The president of the company is my upline. How great is that? I joined Domestic PlannerR because I thought that the concept was such an important and meaningful one. Almost everyone in America would say that they struggle in the area of organization, and we provide permanent solutions to those problems. I know that I have struggled with these same issues, especially when you factor in the amount of work that 4 children creates. I have grown so much by what I' ve learned as an Organizational Consultant with Domestic PlannerR, and sharing these life-changing principles is such a privilege.

We share this knowledge in home parties by teaching the Five Principles of Organization and offering great products to help everyone get control of their homes. Customers love how our containers, baskets, cleaning tools, and educational materials move them further along the path of organization. Another way to help our customers get organized is through home or office consulting. I charge an hourly rate to go in and give advice or help reorganize any areas they would like to work on. It's a great way to earn a predictable income to supplement my party sales and other commissions. Many times, these consulting customers also purchase product from our catalog as well. I currently charge $35 per hour, but some charge more or less depending on their location and level of skill.

We have 2 different kits, the Basic Kit ($150) and the Deluxe Kit ($250). I recouped the cost of my kit in about 6 parties, so I was profitable almost right from the start. I have added products at our regular 20% discount, at a 40% discount at times, and even occasionally at 50%. I keep my kit packed and ready to go in my (organized, of
course!) closet. There's no inventory to keep, either.

I love the flexibility I have with Domestic PlannerR. I decide when I want to work, and schedule parties on those days (or nights). As a full-time mom, my children are my priority, and Domestic PlannerR works very well within my schedule.

The Domestic PlannerR concept is unique because there are no other companies out there teaching organizing and selling such a broad product line devoted to helping people get organized. I love the excitement on people's faces when they attend our parties. It's great to know you're making a difference in others' lives.

Do you have to be the Queen of Organization to become a consultant? No! J In fact, since we teach others to be organized, the first person you can teach is yourself! I have made so much progress during the time I have been a consultant, and I look forward to sharing my skills with the rest of the world. I use Domestic PlannerR products throughout my own home to keep me on the organized path. I can help train you to do the same for yourself, your family, and your business. Just give it a try!!

Business Description: Domestic PlannerR is a direct sales company that offers permanent solutions to organization by combining 5 basic organizational principles with products and personal consulting services.

Years in Business: Founded January 2001

Start Up Costs: $150-250

Is there an option to earn your kit? Yes

Are there monthly minimums that must be met? $500/Quarterly

What is the commission structure? You will earn 20% commission on all full-priced product sales and 75% of paid consulting that you do (you set your own rate). There are also commission bonuses as you hit certain levels of sales. Additionally, as you build your downline you will earn income from their sales: 1st level (those directly below you) 3% of full-priced sales and 10% of paid consulting; 2nd level (those directly below your 1st
level) 2% of full-priced sales; 3rd level (those directly below your 2nd level) 1% of full-priced sales.

How often are new catalogs released? Currently released yearly.

Are there any online advertising restrictions? There are no on-line advertising restrictions at this time; however, any representation of Domestic PlannerR must accurately portray the company.

Are consultants able to get their own company website? No company sponsored website.

Is a company email address available for consultants? No

Can customers place orders online through your company website?

Can customers pay online? No online payments are accepted.

Are there hostess exclusive products? Yes

Is there a yearly company convention? No

Can you earn trips, vehicles, etc? Yes

Are there awards to be won? Yes

What promotional items are available for consultants? Currently there are no logo promotional items available.


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