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Richmont Direct

Nicole Humphrey
Independent Consultant
PO Box 61, O'Fallon, MO 63366

Out of the direct sales business for years, I had just signed with a different ds company, and was selling products I just wasn't into. I decided that I had to find a new business and I had to have passion for it. Serious passion. I spent countless hours on the internet for months and months, researching every home business I could find. I looked at every start up cost, product line, kit contents, number of reps in my area, you name it. And oh how I prayed. The answer was revealed to me so many times, God works that way, but I just kept thinking it was too good to be true. Who finds their home business through prayer? Doesn't happen! Right? Wrong! I did! In fact, the obstacles that I had to overcome just to sign with the company, were abundant and stressful, but I kept praying and God kept leading me right up to the Richmont Direct door. I was amazed to learn, upon signing that Richmont Direct is a faith based, Christian company, and extremely family oriented
. These were extremely important to me in my business venture. AND the best part, with my exciteable personality and 3000 hobbies and interests, what else could have asked for? Richmont Direct has four ORIGINAL product lines - how could I be bored with that?

I first fell in love with the World of Cooking line. I love to cook, but never have time and find myself finding any excuse in the book to get out of the kitchen. I had been contemplating signing with a competitors business, and when I saw our Cooking line, I knew I was NOT signing with the other company. We have lots of the same items they offer, and a substantially lower cost! And, to make things even more exciting, we offer MUCH more than they offer. After drooling over the cooking line and knowing I'd sign just for those, I continued mulling over the other lines.

The next line that grabbed my attention was The Feelings of Christmas product line and Richmont Jewelry and Gifts. In these two lines there are even more amazing, unique products. Gifts for EVERY occasion, and the cool part of our Christmas line is that it's not JUST holiday items, but home decor items that are used YEAR ROUND! The jewelry is exclusive to Richmont Direct and is both fashionable and fun and designed by our founder. It goes with anything and each piece has a story that comes with it!

But then, I found the Richmont Creations line. I had no idea at the time, that this would be my favorite line in the end. I am a scrapbooker, and I take tons and tons of photos and spend long laborous hours creating and embellishing scrapbook pages to commemorate these photos. WELL! Was I in for a treat! Richmont Creations is a completely keepsake oriented line. I couldn't have found a business more geared to my personal interests if I had tried. The cool part is, EVERYTHING with Richmont Creations is completely personalized. Something I adore. I deliberately named my daughter a unique name, and her name is not found in typical name places, so EVERYTHING we buy her has to be custom ordered with her name, and get's expensive! When you see our prices, your jaw will drop. They are so low and for the best quality stuff out there! I take your precious photos, scrapbook layouts, or momentos and turn them into keepsakes without damage to the original! I've created tiles, plaques, t
-shirts, key chains, coaster sets, totes, and more. This line is so completely perfect for everyone on your gift list - I think that was what finally sold me on Ricmont Direct. It was Richmont Creations, and how connected I felt to the products from the very get go. I love my job with Richmont Direct, and whether you're interested in purchasing our products, hosting a party to earn some stuff free (we have the best hostess plan available ANYWHERE) or signing with our company, I will be your friend, teacher, and partner every step of the way. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

Business Description
Richmont Direct is the world's most flexible career opportunity. Four unique product lines, helps us stand out from the rest!

Years in Business

How many reps are currently with the business?

What countries is this opportunity open to?
US, Canada & Mexico

What kind of products does this company offer?
Kitchen & Cooking, Christmas and home decor; Jewelry, gifts & collectibles; and Personalized gifts.

Start Up Costs
$99 - $199

Is there an option to earn your kit?

What is included in the kit?
The basic kit contains business start-up materials and product from your selection of one of four product lines. You get over $300 worth of product in the basic kit.

The premium kit contains business start-up materials and product from your selection of one of four product lines, the value is over $500!

Are there monthly minimums that must be met?

What is the commission structure?
You can earn between 20-30% commission starting immediately upon signing. You can also earn more as you grow your business.

How often are new catalogs released?
With four product lines, our catalogs come out several times a year!

What is the cost per catalog?

What is the cost for supplies such as order forms?
VERY low cost supplies are available and EVERYTHING is available on the internet through our consultant portal for FREE download - so you don't have to buy anything (including catalogs) ever

Are there any online advertising restrictions?
none - we can advertise anywhere

Are consultants able to get their own company website?
A website is provided free from the company. They want you to succeed!

Is a company email address available for consultants?

Can customers place orders online through your company website?

Can customers pay online?
It is up to the consultant what payments they accept. Company accepts CONSULTANTS personal check and all credit cards. Form of payment *I* as an independent consultant accept are, credit cards, checks, money orders, cash and all paypal payments.

Are there hostess exclusive products?

Is there a yearly company convention?

Can you earn trips, vehicles, etc?

Are there awards to be won?

What promotional items are available for consultants?
Yes, we are affiliated with several different sites that offer these products. Plus we can get them designed anywhere we want.

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