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The Greeting Cake Company

Debra Berger
Independent Distributor #0503581

I'm a mom of 3 children, 3 pets and 1 husband. To say the least I'm one busy woman! In addition, I teach school on the weekends, run another direct sales business (Cherish Designs) and I'm active with my community. I just love my family and friends. Nevertheless, I always keep my eyes and ears open for new and exciting ventures. One day a received a call from a previous Cherish Designs customer who wanted to place an order. We spent some time catching up on the "news" and then she told me she was an Independent Distributor Consultant for a company called, "The Greeting Cake Company." She went on to explain that this relatively young company was started by a mom who felt the need to work but didn't want to leave the comforts of her home and find daycare for her five children. In little less than a year the company has over 550 distributors nationwide who sell their cakes and eat them too! I was intrigued! I visited their website and I was hooked. The Greeting Cake Company offers a unique line of Greeting Cakes. Each cake is hand-packed with love and the sentiment that is chosen is displayed on the top of the case. There are over 70 designs with new designs added frequently. Each 4-inch Greeting Cake Kit includes your greeting choice, cake and frosting mix (chocolate or vanilla), sprinkles, a candle and confetti! Just add water, microwave and decorate. Imagine the look on the face of the recipient when they realize you've given them an edible novelty, and not just a paper greeting card! Personalization and custom orders are available for an additional fee and a generous fundraising program is available. Fast forward one month. I ordered my kit, developed my website, reserved my email address and placed an ad in the local newspaper. Within days my phone was ringing off the hook with questions and orders for this unique product. I have no doubt I will be adding new distributor consultants to my current downline while continuing to build my business. Here's some of the benefits of becoming a member of my team: unique products, 45% commission on all orders, generous commission and incentive structure, low start-up costs, no quotas to meet, work full or part time, marketing materials to get your business off to a great start, no restrictions on selling, no territories, affordable optional websites and more. Be one of the first to join this fast growing company. You too could be in on the ground floor. I'd love to talk to you about your future with my team and The Greeting Cake Company.

Business Description
Unique home business offering Greeting Cake Kits. Each 4-inch Cake Kit includes a greeting, cake and frosting mix, sprinkles, a candle, and confetti! Be one of the first to join this fast growing company. You too could be in on the ground floor!

Years in Business

How many reps are currently with the business?

What countries is this opportunity open to?
United States

What kind of products does this company offer?
Greeting Cake Kits which include over 70 designs. Personalization and custom labels are available for an additional fee. New designs are offered quarterly and new products will be introduced on a frequent basis.

Start Up Costs
Choice of $20.00 or $35.00 Kit

Is there an option to earn your kit?

What is included in the kit?
$20.00 kit includes 6 of the most popular styles and all materials (brochures, order forms, etc.), to get your business off on the right start. $35.00 kit includes 12 of the most popular styles and materials as above.

Are there monthly minimums that must be met?
You must place an order every quarter of ANY SIZE!

What is the commission structure?
Independent Distributors purchase products at wholesale (45% off Retail) and sell at retail. You are not required to have an inventory, however you may. To remain an active Distributor you must place an order quarterly. The order may be of any size. Quarterly sales bonuses are based on wholesale totals and are as follows: Wholesale totals of $1000-$1999 receive a 10% bonus Wholesale totals of $2000-$3499 receive a 15% bonus Wholesale totals of $3500-$4999 receive a 20% bonus Wholesale totals of $5000 and up receive a 25% bonus When an Independent Distributor attains accumulative sales (wholesale) of $10,000 they become a Star Distributor and earn quarterly sales over-rides of 5% When an Independent Distributor attains accumulative sales (wholesale) of $30,000 they become a Diamond Distributor and earn quarterly sales over-rides of 10% When an Independent Distributor recruits another Independent Distributor they will earn a percent of their wholesale sales total. First Line Recruit 5% Second Lind Recruit 3% Third Line Recruit 1% The company will receive the orders and ship them out. The Distributor will receive commissions sales at the end of each month. The Greeting Cake Company, LLC offers Fundraising. The organization orders, wholesale, through the Distributor and the company fills the order. The consultant will earn 25% of the wholesale total for the fundraiser.

How often are new catalogs released?
Every Quarter

What is the cost per catalog?
$1.00 Each, or you can print your own.

What is the cost for supplies such as order forms?
Order forms, catalogs, brochures, flyers, etc., can be downloaded and printed from a yahoo group site. Or they can be ordered from the company on #28 paper, printed with a lazer printer. Prices range from $.35 to $1.00 each.

Are there any online advertising restrictions?
You must list yourself as an independent distributor and include your distributor number. You can sell on another site with other products, however you cannot sell the Cakes Kits themselves under a different name.

Are consultants able to get their own company website?
This is optional. $20.00 one time set up fee plus $7.50 monthly charge. You can design your own site or sell through another site.

Is a company email address available for consultants?

Can customers place orders online through your company website?

Can customers pay online?
Major credit cards and PayPal.

Are there hostess exclusive products?

Is there a yearly company convention?

Can you earn trips, vehicles, etc?

Are there awards to be won?

What promotional items are available for consultants?
Not at this time. You may develop your own.

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