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This information will appear on your individual home party plan listing page ~ your company will be the only one on this page, so not only will you gain additional exposure through our search engine listings (Did you know we rank #1 AND #2 for "home party plan" in Google searches ~ and in the top 10 for many other direct sales / party plan searches?)

The focal point of your indivdual listing is your personal essay, described in detail below. This personal essay is unique to MyMommyBiz, and will likely be what encourages fence sitters to go ahead and sign up for your business.

Please only fill out what you feel comfortable filling out. Any sections left blank will not be added to your individual home party plan listing page. There will be a link from your description on your home party plan listing page that will lead to your individual listing page. It may take up to a week to add your information, depending on how many I receive at once, so submit your listing soon!

Are there additional sections you would like to see added? If so, be sure to request them!

About You

What is your name?

Business Name (ie. Avon, Discovery Toys?)

Title in Company? (ie. Director, Manager, Sales Rep)

E-mail address?

Business URL

ePartyPlans username - we are a partner with ePartyPlans, and we will place your online/offline code with your listing on both the main listing page and your individual page, allowing potential recruits to talk to you instantly in your own chat room while you are online. (Click here to learn more - this will open in a new window)

Any other contact information you would like? (ie. Fax, MSN Messenger, address)

Your 25 word description to appear on the main Party Plan Page (if you are renewing, you can leave this blank for your description to remain the same.)

About Your Business

Years in business

How many reps are currently with the business?

What countries are offered?

What kind of products does the company offer?

Start up Costs

Earn your kit option? Yes No Sometimes as promotion

What is included in the kit?

Are there monthly minimum sales requirements? If so, how much?

Tell us a bit about the commission structure:

How often are new catalogs released?

What is the cost per catalog?

What is the cost for supplies such as order forms?

Are there any online advertising restrictions? If so, what?

Do you get a company sponsored website and is there a monthly fee?

Do you get company sponsored email? (ie. yourname@companyname.com)
Yes No

Can customers order online? Yes No

Can you accept payments online, and what forms do you accept?

Does the company offer hostess exclusive items? Yes No

Is there an annual convention? Yes No

Can you earn trips, vehicles, etc? Yes No

Are there awards to be won? Yes No

Are logo promotional items available (ie. pens, shirts..) If so, what?


About It All

This is the true promotional part of your listing. You have the opportunity to tell about yourself and your business in an essay style format. This is not a business promotions piece per se. Instead, tell a story about you and your business that would inspire others. Perhaps you won an unexpected company award. Or maybe you had a fantastic week where you got five new recruits. This piece should be your inspiration, and in telling your inspiration behind your business, it could encourage others to decide to follow in your footsteps.

This is not just a straight promotional piece ~ and I will ask that those be rewritten. (A straight promotional piece would go along the lines of Join XYZ and never work an outside job again! Why work outside when you can stay at home with your kids and make money?) Your personal essay is what will really encourage people to sign up under you ~ your first person story about your business. (For example, it could start When I decided to venture into the world of direct sales, I was a definate newbie. My friend signed up for XYZ and I followed in her footsteps ~ little did I know that six years later I would be the top consultant in my seven-state region, with my friend hot on my heels! What started out as something to supplement my husband's income turned into a business earning three times my husband's salary! Of course, it was plenty of hard work and late nights, but...)

If you have any questions, please ask! Or if it isn't quit right, I can help you out after you submit it.

This piece will appear on your individual home party plan listing page, directly below your contact information, with your company information underneath.


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