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Home Party Plan Central for Direct Sales
Party Plan Central is a resource site for moms in home party plans, network marketing & direct sales. You can even download free printables worksheets!
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New! Fundraising for your Party Plans

How Long Should Your Fundraiser Be?
How many days is the perfect length for fundraising?
Promoting Your Fundraisers Without Cold Calling Groups
Did you know there are more ways to get fundraisers without cold calling or direct mailing to groups you think might be interested?

Building Your Direct Sales Business with Fundraisers
Why fundraisers can be so important for your business
Sample Fundraiser Letter Template
Want to approach organizations in writing, but aren't sure what to say? Use the MyMommyBiz original fundraiser letter template, customize it with your own information, and mail!
Take Advantage of the Summer Break for School Fundraisers

Many school groups need fundraisers, whether you are selling candles, cookie dough or home decor. Get your work starting during the summer and take advantage of your early planning once the school year starts.
Increasing Your Sales Totals Through Fundraisers
Many consultants have discovered fundraisers as the way to drive up sales for company rewards.

View all Fundraising & Fundraiser articles in Party Plan Central

New! Fairs, Expos, Markets & Events

Tracking leads at fairs when you are sharing a table
A very simple way to divide the leads while keeping it fair.

Professionalism at Trade Shows
Don't be caught acting unprofessionally at trade shows.

More Fairs, Expos, Markets & Events articles

Choosing Your Business
Leading Your Downline

Start your own Home Party Plan Company
Ever thought you should start up a direct sales company? Many of us have!

Test Drive Before You Choose
You would test drive your car before you buy, so why not test drive the company?

Finding the Perfect Sponsor
Finding the perfect sponsor for you is an integral part of the success of your business.

Choosing Your Network Marketing Company
Advice to help you choose just which company is the right one for you.

Advantages of Network Marketing as a Home-Based Business
Why are home party plan businesses so popular as a home based business?

Love the Products
You will find making the sale and signing up recruits that much easier.

More Choosing Your Business Articles

What to do when a new recruit is floundering
How to help a new recruit that just isn't making it as a great consultant.

Planning Your Team Meeting Agenda
Plan your downline meetings so your downline will have the best success.

How to do Teleconferencing Conference Calls With Your Downline
Teleconferencing is a great way to hold team meetings, so your downline can easily brainstorm and share new ideas and thoughts on your home party plan.

Creating a Downline Listserv
A great way to promote communication and keep your entire team motivated on a regular basis.

Show Not Tell
You don't want to end up hand-holding your entire downline. Utilizing show and not tell is a great way to promote your downline to self sufficiency success.

Get Your Own Personal Downline Message Board @ MyMommyBiz
Have a private message board for your entire unit/group/downline.

More Leading Your Downline to Success Articles

Marketing & Advertising

Cashing in on used cosmetics selling idea
Encourage people to bring in old cosmetics for $1 off

Tailoring your sales flyers for each customer
An easy way to market to repeat customers based on their buy history.

Increasing product sales of free makeovers
How to sell more products to your free makeover customers with ease.

Scheduling "Free Makeovers" to avoid being taken advantage of
When to schedule makeovers so you aren't being used for the freebie.

Should you market the products or the opportunity?
Many get confused on which part of the selling process they should be working on.

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Marketing Idea
Market to trick or treater's moms!

Using Samples Surveys to Get More Customers
How you can turn samples into customers.

Promote Your New Catalogs with Postcards
Save your expensive catalogs for your "sure thing" customers and leads.

Using Stickers to Promote Bookings & Recruiting
Personalize catalogs using stickers designed for multiple purposes.

The Benefits of Fundraisers
Enhance your financial success by using your company products for fundraisers.

Using a Signature to Advertise Your Business
Using a signature one of the easiest ways to let people know about your business.

Warm Lists ~ Why You Need Them & How to Use Them
Why warm lists are vitally important to your business and how to use them effectively.

More Marketing & Advertising Articles

Find more top recruits based on your current successful recruits
How to determine where you are finding the best recruits so you can focus your efforts on those areas.

How much is each new contact worth for you?
Why every contact you make - even if they say no - earns you money.

Eight Kinds of Consultants
What kind are you?

Recruiting through customers
Recruit your customers to bring you qualified leads.

Recruiting on the Internet
Recruiting on the internet is easy when you learn to network like a pro.

Creating a Recruiting Scrapbook
A scrapbook is a great way to show how much fun you have with your business.

How to Spot a New Recruit at a Party
Some surefire ways to spot those recruits at your next home party!

Recruit from the Start
Think you don't have the experience to recruit when you are a new recruit yourself? Think again!

More Recruiting Articles

Getting Bookings & Hostess Tips
Business Issues

Reinforce Bookings at Your Home Parties
Increase your number of bookings from any home party with this simple practice.

When to Schedule a Party
When should you schedule a home party? Is sooner or later better? What about convenience for both?

Catalog Parties
Don't underestimate the value of catalog parties to build up your monthly sales total, and even find recruits too.

Preventing Cancellations
Ways to prevent the dreaded home party cancellation so that it doesn't happen to you, even when you are sure it will!

More Bookings & Hostess Tips Articles

The Store is always open: How to offer 24 hour ordering service for customers
Increase sales by offering easy order options at all times of the day and night

Knowing your company's story and history
Find out the passion that started your party plan company.

Do Your Party Plan Homework for Increased Sales & Recruits
Reps who know their stuff earn more money than those who are "clueless" about their business.

Beating the Home Party Plan Winter Doldrums
Many people get the winter blahs. Here is how to beat them and grow your business while doing so.

Business Education?
Do you need to get more education for a home party plan business? Or is your time better spend elsewhere?

Keeping Inventory
Should you keep some of your products in inventory for those impulsive buys? Perhaps - and here is how to know if it is a smart business move or not.

More Business Issues Articles

Specific Company Forums
Online Parties
See if your company has a message board for reps - click here to see!

Online Party Games

Making the Most of an Online Party
How to have a successful online party every time.

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